Homework, Tests and Assignments



    Higher Level: Economic Flows...

    Week 7 - due March 27..

    Download file "Economic Interactions and FlowsAssessment2013.docx"

    Class Work Week 4:

    Download file "MDG Pair Task.docx"

    Due Friday May 1st

    Complete the worksheet package on Disparities in Wealth and Development.


    Download file "MigrationImpacts.docx"

    Read Pages 28 - 37 of Nagle and Cooke. Complete the 'To Research' and To Do' questions.


    'Seen' test Week 2.

    Download file "Assessment 4.docx"

    Due Week 3.

    Download file "Assessment 5.docx"



    Homework Week 7

    Read Pages 28 - 44 of Nagle and Cook - Geography Companion. Complete the 'To Do' questions on Pages 36 and 45.

    Homework Week 4

    Download file "Assessment 2 2012.pdf"

    Download file "Assessment 3 2012.pdf"

    Homework Week 3

    Assignment 1:

    Download file "Assessment 1 2012.pdf"

    Homework Week 2

    Complete the 'To Research' tasks on pages 7 and 11 of the text Geography Course Companion.

    Homework Week 1,

    1. Find a Geographical Resource - map, graph, table or other resource. Discuss the resource (positives and negatives).

    2. Read the article below:

    Download file "World Hunger.pdf"

    Take a Sustainability factor: Social, Political, Economic or Environmental. What does the article say about the factor you have selected?


    Homework week 4

    Download file "Consumerism and culture.pdf"

    Homework week 1-3

    Complete Internal Assessment!

    AUTUMN TERM 21012

    Homework Week 9

    Download file "IBGeogShrinking World.pdf"

    Homework Week 8

    Read Codrington P 403 - 411.

    Complete Block Questions 9M, 9N and 9O

    Homework Week 7

    Complete Q 3 a i - iv Waugh.

    Download file "International Sport Research.pdf"

    Download file "Regional Tourism.pdf"

    Homework Week 3

    • Read Pages 586 - 588 of Waugh. Complete Q 1 a - d and Q2a
    • Using the handout, read P 364 - 368. Complete Block Questions 9A.

    Spring Term 2010

    Week 1 homework: Read Waugh P 344 - 354 Complete Q1 a - d, Q2 a P384

    Download file "Assessment 1.pdf"

    Week 3 homework: Waugh Q 3 and Q4 (all parts) P 384/5

    Assessment 2: Panel Discussion based on Waugh Q5 P367. Prepare a 1 page summary: DISCUSS the population policies in India and China.

    Week 4 homework: Waugh Q5 P385.

    Assessment 3:

    Download file "Assessment 3.pdf"

    Homework week 5: Complete the following table and questions..

    Summer Term 2011

    Homework Week 1 2011 Read Waugh P 604 - 623 Q 1 & 2 P 648/9

    Homework Week 2 2011: Read Waugh P624 - 647 (the remainder of the chapter) Q 3 & 4 P 649

    Homework Week 3 2011: Complete the worksheet on Aid below...

    Download file "AID TO DEVELOPING COUNTRIES.docx"

    Homework Week 4 2011: Complete the following Research Assignment.

    Download file "Economic Interactions and Flows.docx"

    Homework Week 6 2011: Read Waugh P 8 - 23. Q 4 P 37. Also...Using the Plate Tectonics links on the Wiki page - Oceans and their Coastal Margins - draw an Annotated Diagram of the processes occurring at a Mid-Ocean Ridge - Diverging plate boundary.

    Download file "IBO Rubric on Annotated Diagrams.pdf"

    Classwork and Homework Week 7 2011. Write notes on the topics and in the format indicated by the table below. Add as many other referenced as possible - from Wiki and other links...expand the space as necessary. BE CLEAR ON THE PROCESSES!

    Download file "YEAR 11 IB GEOG. Oceans.docx"

    Homework Week 8/9 2011: Read the section of Chapter 6 Corrington - Oceans and Their Coastal Margins. Complete Q 2 and 3 P 229, Q 1 and 2 P 320, Q2 P 232, Q 2 and 5 P233Q 2 - 5 P 236.

    Homework Week 9/10 2011: Complete the following task..

    Download file "Homework Week 9 and 10.pdf"


    Download file "OceanTest1.pdf"

    Autumn Term 2011

    Homework Week 1 2011

    Download file "Oceans Homework Week 1 Autumn Term.pdf"

    Homework Week 2

    Download file "HomeworkWeek2AutumnTerm.docx"

    Homework Week 8: Read An Integrated Approach P 206 - 215. Complete Q 3 P258

    Download file "IB Oceans Assessment.pdf"

    Homework Week 10. Complete the task below.

    Download file "Soil Degradation Task.pdf"

    Download file "Capture.PNG" Useful flow diagram.

    Winter Term

    Homework Week 1

    Revision: Read Case study 9 P250 - 256 of Waugh, and Codrington Ch3 handout. Write notes in response to Q17 P259 Waugh.

    Homework Week 3

    Read Waugh P 316 - 318 and Rainforest handout. Complete Q 4 P 343 Waugh. Complete Section B, C and D of handout. Complete notes (at table?) highlighting the causes of rainforest destruction, the consequences and examples of places in the world where forests are being cleared.

    Download file "Skils Test 1.pptx"

    Homework Week 3

    Open up the PDF article of Harvey Dairy Farming Irrigation and the Youtube clips on CIDA Nigerian Case Study from the Patterns in Environmental Quality and Sustainability page. Outline and Evaluate each project, stating the reasons for each and the evidence of change.

    Classwork and Homework Week 4

    Use the resources places on the Wiki to complete the following:

    1. Providing examples, state what is meant by the term 'agro-industrialisation'? 2. Evaluate the energy efficiencies of agro-industrialised farms. 3. Identify the effects of agro-industrialisation on the physical environment.

    Assessment 8

    Download file "IB Environment Pattern Assessment Recources.pdf"

    Download file "IB Environment Pattern Assessment.docx"


    Download file "IB Pre-test powerpoint.ppt"

    Work through the questions on pages 49 and 50 of the IB Study Guide.

    SPRING TERM 2011

    Homework Week 1

    Complete the following worksheet:

    Download file "The population explosion.pdf"

    Re-read pages 378 and 379 of Waugh. Complete Q7 P 385.

    Homework Week 2

    Read Waugh Chapter 18 P 532 - 551. Complete Q 1 and 2 P550.

    Complete the following:

    Download file "Global Patterns in Oil Production and Consumption.docx"

    Homework Week 3

    Complete the revision booklet provided on Patterns of Resource Consumption.

    Homework Week 4

    Complete the following research assignment - due Monday November 14th.

    With reference to the Niger Delta, outline the political social and environmental consequences for the region of the oil exploration and production. 30 marks.

    1000 words, referenced, foot notes, illustrations where possible.

    Homework Week 5

    Complete Questions 7 and 10 in Waugh P 551

    make notes on the film 'How many People Can Live On Planet Earth'

    How many People....

    SUMMER TERM 2012

    Homework Week 1

    Read Waugh P 418 - 436 Complete Q 1 a, Q 2 a, b. Q 4, a, b.

    Assignment 1: Due Week 4: Download file "Urban Assignment.pdf"

    Homework Week 5 (To be handed in on Tuesday Week 6)

    Read Waugh P 442 - 459. Complete Q 2 c, d P 460

    With reference to the photo below. Complete Q G 13 on P 148 of the IB Geography Study Guide.


    Download file "Assessment 2 2012.pdf"


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