A Series of Unfortunate Events


Recently I finished the final novel from the Series of unfortunate events which is called 'The End.' The 13th book centers around the Baudelaire Orphans once again as they are shipwrecked on an unknown and mysterious island that hold secrets of not only the mysterious V.F.D but also of their own mysterious parents.

There are many themes in the final novel that are very adult for a novel such as this, these are whether it is right to judge another evil and punish them accordingly or to leave it up to fate, whether 'No news is good news' and 'Ignorance is Bliss'. Once again the author under the pen name Lemony Snicket really makes you think by introducing complicated and often very adult themes with harsh consequences which is often very odd in a supposed children's novel.

I recommend this novel not only to children and teenagers but to adults also because at times the novel can be simple and predictable for the good of the children reading it but at other points becomes very moral and thought provocative which is why I enjoy this series, even though it is primarily viewed as a children's novel and not really suited for the older reader, I strongly disagree with this thought and recommend it highly.