City of Bones


John Webb
Apr 13, 2011

THis is a review which goes at least a little beyond the superficial. There is an attempt to redner the tone of the text, and the way in which the author creates their effect. A little more paragraphing would have been of assistance,as well as greater consideration of genre; what are the typical elements of a vampire, goth, werewolf narrative?

Recently I have finished 'City of Bones' by Cassandra Clare. This book centres around the ancient Nephilim also called Shadow Hunters and the world of Downworlders (vampires, werewolves, warlocks and the Fae). The plot centres around a girl called Clarissa Fey who inadvertantly stumbles into the world of the Shadow Hunters.
The books main themes are that of belonging and and where one fits into society and how they are accepted. The author does a fantastic job with detail in regards the the world she has created even down to the materials of certain locations of the book. The world created by Clare is that of the magical forest where verything goes bump in the night, but in this case she replaces the forest with a vibrant city scapes and the dens of wolves turn into Chinese take out stores and the coffins of Vampires turn into penthouse suites.
In conclusion I reccomend this series to any people that are fond of myths and legends combined with vibrant city life.