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mid point reflection performance

Reflection Questions

  1. How much practice (on average) have you been doing for the last two weeks or so? Is this more, less, or the same as the usual amount you do?
    • I have been practicing all my pieces for grade three. I may have to play a grade two peice because some of the grade 3 songs are quite challenging for me. I have been aiming to practice my pieces for half an hour. However it is quite difficult to do so because I have so much to do and so many things on that it is actually unbearable so usually I only get to practice for 15 minutes.
  2. Are your practice sessions focussed on the repertoire for this task, or do you practice other things?
    • My pieces have been mostly on the repertoire sheet. However I have been having to practice for the duet concert coming up in the church in two weeks time. I will be playing the entertainer with my sister at the duet concert. Also the junior band is playing on sunday as well and unfortunately I am in the junior band and we are playing five songs in church in front of everyone including the clergy. The clergy need to hear us play because they need the extra listening skills for being holy.
  3. Looking at the list below, what areas do you think you are doing well at the moment and what areas need work over the next few weeks to improve by week 7?
    • Fluency (no stumbles/mistakes)
    • I have had a couple of mistakes because grade three pieces go really fast compared with the grade two pieces and they are a whole page longer. They probibly need it longer so the examiners in grade three wont get bored quickly and fall asleep. Thats happened once in my preliminary exam.
    • Rhythmic accuracy
    • I think I am actually quite good at rhythmic accuracy. It is just when it gets to fast like in the grade three pieces. That is the only thing that makes me stumble. But I will get better at it, eventually. They probibly want it fast so the examiner can move on to the next preformer quicker.
    • Pitch (note) accuracy
    • Now this is one of my specialties. I never have a problem with this and no notes can stand in my way with out me being able to hear it. This means that I never get a note wrong in my pieces and I don't need manuscript in front of me. My favourite piano teacher is the radio because I learn probibly three times more songs then from my piano teacher. I listen to my grade three pieces in the car on the way to school.
    • Dynamics/expression
    • This is not usually a problem and I can tell wether the music should be loud or soft. Its only when you have to play so loud that you feel like your fingers are going to break and your ear drum is going to burst or so soft that no one can hear what you are playing and need to attach a speaker to the piano to hear your notes.
    • Suitable tempo and maintain steady beat throughout
    • This my
    • Musical phrasing and/or good breath control
    • YourAnswerHere
    • Tonal control (squeaks etc)
    • YourAnswerHere
  4. What feedback has your instrumental teacher given you about your pieces which you are working on at the moment?
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