Robert Muchamore,CHERUB:Shadow Wave


    John Webb
    Apr 13, 2011

    If this is your only post this Semester, this is a disgrace, unless I have missed an entry somewhere else on the same site. An apology might be in order.
    Consult your conscience and get going on this.

    The part of the book that I have just been reading has been pretty uneventful, but some of the things that have been happening our quite significant to to the book and will come back later in the story. James Adams had been discussing his future with the campus councillor. They had been talking about the money that James would receive when he turned 18, if he wanted to see his dad that he hadn't yet me, and what university he wanted to go to. Afterward he was talking to his sister about pulling out of the mission that they were about to have because the man that they would be protecting was corrupt and kicked local villagers out of their homes, but Lauren wanted to do the mission because there would be a lot of shopping. James then put a tracking device in Lauren's phone so that he could see where she was while on the mission, as it might come to be useful.