Black Wind

This is the second log entry for Black Wind by Clive Cussler and it has improved dramatically as there is now action now and the characters with the unbearable names have been taken out of the novel by a confrontation with an enemy ship. The story jumps from different stories in itself quite often and the story in my last log entry was only an introduction to the books date and was not needed any more so was killed out but the submarine in that part of the book had unknown cargo which is now proving to be a poisonous gas that is killing animals and humans on the island of a extinct volcano.

I have completely changed my view on the novel and am quite thoroughly enjoying the way it is written and how it solves mysteries of one part of the story in another whole story all together. The characters have improved names now ( readable) and the story is only a tiny bit in but is starting to outline the plot that is unfolding in the story.


Black Wind

Black Wind by Clive Cussler

Black Wind is a thick novel based around mystery and adventure, The very back of the book didn't make me pick it up because I found that it was not a very exciting read. But I picked it up because my Dad said he was a good author, as I am not really into this type of book it is hard to stay in the drift of the novel as it doesn't hold any suspense so far. I also don't really like this novel because it has Japanese characters, this is because their names are hard to pronounce and it becomes a very difficult read it there is a lot of dialogue on the page.

The novel has a very slow start and I am already having difficultly keeping track of different characters because of their names and how it is written. There are two main characters Ogawa and Yoshi these characters are in charge of a submarine the is en route to attack an American harbor which they hope will end the war, this is as far as i have got into the novel and the pages are filled with description of the scene to make it as if we were there but it sometimes changes from dialogue between characters the scene description and back to dialogue with out you realizing and when you read on the next page a bit where they are referring back to the bit that you missed you have to re read that bit and reading becomes an effort because you have to stay on the ball the whole time.

This novel is on the verge of keeping or throwing it out and forgetting about it and I will keep it till the next chapter and if there is no improvement I will discard it. I do not recommend this novel to a stereotypical male teenager unless they like reading this type of novel.

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shadow wave

Shadow wave

Robert Muchamore

This book sounds like it is full of action and is a read that is hard to put down, but it starts with a different start to the usual books I read because this one is quite slow to start. Even though the start is not as exciting as I would of liked I can tell that this book will be another book that I will enjoy, the reflections of this book say it is not one of his bests but I quite like him as an author and think he will pull through and this book will become just as popular as his others from the same series.

One of the characters James Adams is one of my favorites, this is because he comes from a criminal family that takes drugs and steals but he works for a organization that stops this illegal behavior happening and he wants to help people and not let young kids his age screw up their lives like his mum made him.


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Dead of the night, John Marsden
Towards the end of the book action is full on and details is best than any other book can't put it down!
Just awesome!


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The dead of the night, John Marsden
Full of action and combat, just fantastic
Great book 10/10