Black Wind


    This is the second log entry for Black Wind by Clive Cussler and it has improved dramatically as there is now action now and the characters with the unbearable names have been taken out of the novel by a confrontation with an enemy ship. The story jumps from different stories in itself quite often and the story in my last log entry was only an introduction to the books date and was not needed any more so was killed out but the submarine in that part of the book had unknown cargo which is now proving to be a poisonous gas that is killing animals and humans on the island of a extinct volcano.

    I have completely changed my view on the novel and am quite thoroughly enjoying the way it is written and how it solves mysteries of one part of the story in another whole story all together. The characters have improved names now ( readable) and the story is only a tiny bit in but is starting to outline the plot that is unfolding in the story.