Performance Task Initial Reflection


1. What instrument will you present your task on?
I will present my performance on the drum kit (percussion)
2. Who is your instrumental teacher? Are they a Scotch College teacher, or external teacher?
My drum kit teacher is Mr Vrcic he teaches at Scotch College.
3. How often do you attend lessons? What types of things do you tend to cover in lessons? Describe your typical lesson.
I attend lessons once a week, we cover practical theory and some songs. My typical lesson would consist of a warm up of rudiments then playing my set work and then learning some new material.
4. How much does your teacher suggest you practice on a daily/weekly basis? How often do you actually practice?
Mr Vrcic suggests I practice for half an hour per night but only on an actual kit three times a week. I do meet this level of practice mostly but some nights it is hard.
5. Describe your average practice session at home, what do you play and practice? Do you follow the suggestions of your teacher or play other things? Why?
My average practice would include a warm up e.g. freestyle and then I would practice all my set work twice or more then play some fun pieces of my own.
6. What repertoire have you been working on this year?
I have been working on hi-hat, snare and bass drum beats along with full kit rhythms and songs.
7. What do you think you have achieved on your instrument so far this year?
I have been able to play most piece my teacher has asked me to and the ones I couldn’t I learned and can now play.
8. What are the overall goals on your instrument for the remainder of the year? E.g. improved tone, technique, style.
I have been told to improve the general style and posture so I will work on that and also my sight reading ability.
9. What scales have you been working on this year?
I play the drum kit which does not involve scales.